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Building Peace: Military Engineers on Peacekeeping Operations This Year

The expansion of peacetime and humanitarian operations presents today’s military engineer with a range of responsibilities in aid of ensuring international forces can provide support to civilians, whatever the situation. From construction projects to mine clearance, this map looks at some of the most interesting developments that have taken... Read More

Military Engineering - A Visual Guide to Modern Military Engineering

With uncertainty around future operational commitments, the pressures of the current humanitarian security environment, the anticipated effects of global warming, and the increasing sophistication of threats, the context for engineering operations has become vastly more complex. Military engineers must now be prepared to play a broader role than... Read More

Renewable Energy on the Front Line: Interactive Diagram

The case for reducing fuel supplies in theatre can be made in the fact that energy efficiency does not just save money, but also saves lives, reducing casualties through the simplification of logistics. In spite of the drawdown from Afghanistan, military planners must focus on the future, anticipating that the next deployed ground force will need... Read More


Army calls for establishment of 'military engineering industry consortium'

Following the release of the British government’s 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the British Army is seeking to establish an industry consortium to help source new and innovative solutions, beginning with the 2016 International Military Engineering conference. Colonel Jason Hones, Head Maneouvre Support for the British Army’s... Read More

Saving lives by improving fuel efficiency

The operational need for investment into frontline renewables The military is in the business of winning war, not saving energy – this is the somewhat jaded sentiment that has often been voiced by fuel-focused defence personnel. Going ‘green’ was more likely to refer to the colour of their fatigues rather than the military’s concern for... Read More

C-IED & Military Engineering Previous Attendee List

See who has previously attended the C-IED and Military Engineering Conference.... Read More

Exclusive Content

Counter-tunnelling a ‘growing’ challenge for combat engineers, says IDF

From automated air defences to unmanned ground vehicles, the advance of technology is going a long way to providing much-needed coverage. However, with the prominence of these counter-measures, there is a growing risk that militants are finding ways to circumvent them, including methods that were first tried and tested thousands of years ago.... Read More

Military Engineering: Fact Sheet

Military Engineering 2015: Find out which nations have active programmes in the field of renewable energy and how their current timelines look. This quick fact sheet also includes selected facts, figures, targets, quotes and links to help you understand the military/commercial... Read More

Military Engineering eMagazine: Training, Humanitarian Operations & More

The role of the military engineer is becoming more diverse, expanding into new capabilities and continually facing new challenges domestically and overseas. This free eMagazine provides updates on the developments taking place worldwide in the areas of mine clearance, smart energy, training, and engineering units.Exclusive interviews include Maj.... Read More